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Things To Do On The Internet

Things to DoPhoto credt to priscilladupreez

First off, we're not advocating that you spend more time sitting on your butt in front of the computer or television. Geez.

Just saying, if you are going to do some Internet browsing, you might as well have some compelling, intriguing and cool sites to visit.

For instance, if you are are interested in techie stuff and exploring “geekdom” go here →

How to Geek

Like to know possibilities for streaming digital content? Check this out →

Best TV Streaming Services

Want to boost your wi-fi signal at home →

Consumer Trusted Reports, Best WiFi Boosters

Popular Mechanics, Best WiFi Extenders

Want to stream direct from your computer to the television →

Air Parrot

Perhaps you're a very crafty individual. Lots here -->

All Crafts

Maybe you're a tad old-fashioned, or just curious. Check out these vintage radio shows →

Vintange Broadcast

If you're a bit of a history buff, this site has something for you →

Ancient Origins

Maybe you're bored with television and streaming, Think board →

Columbia Games

Want to send that special someone a gift, or just say thanks to someone? This is a great choice →

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Maybe you just want to read a good book. I know the author, so check it out →

Exophobe, a Sci-Fi novel

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